November 24, 2016

Human Rights Violations In Burundi To Be Investigated By UN Staff


UN Human Rights Council President Ambassador Choi Kyonglim announced that the UN commission investigating human rights violations in Burundi is to be staffed by Fatsah Ouguergouz of Algeria, Reina Alapini Gansu of Benin and Francoise Hampson of the UK. Established by Resolution 33/24 in September, the Human Rights Council endowed this commission to investigate all rights abuses since April 2015 with an eye on ensuring full accountability.

Violence in Burundi began in the wake of Nkurunziza's announcement that he would seek a third term of office to which he was elected last year. In September, the UN Independent Investigation in Burundi expressed its grave concern about the current human rights situation in Burundi. In October, Burundi withdrew from the International Criminal Court amid an investigation into human rights abuses. Earlier this month, the International Federation of Human Rights urged the UN and African Union to intervene and stop an impending genocide in Burundi.

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