May 30, 2019

No Privacy Was Invaded, Because There Was Neither Privacy Nor Any Such Expectation, Facebook’s Lawyer Tells US Court

[ By Bobby Anthony ]


Facebook’s company attorney Orin Synder has practically contradicted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s claim at a recent shareholder meeting that he wants to build a “privacy focused” social networking platform.

In the process of trying to convince a US District Court judge to throw out a class action suit over Cambridge Analytica accessing Facebook user data, the company’s attorney Orin Synder stated that there is neither any expectation of privacy on Facebook or any other social media platform.

Synder went on to argue that no invasion of users’ privacy ever happened, because there was never any privacy in the first place, adding that users had already given their consent to share their data with third parties.

Snyder’s argument appeared to fly in the face of Zuckerberg’s speech at Thursday’s Facebook shareholder meeting, where the CEO stressed his commitment to protecting users’ private data.

He told the judge that sharing something with a large crowd of people, like users tend to do on social media platforms, forfeits their right to privacy.

Zuckerberg’s claims to shareholders that he wants to build a “privacy-focused social platform,” have been questioned, especially since privacy isn’t known to be profitable.

After all, it is known that the more data any social networking platform has about its users, their interests, their behavior, and their family, the more it can use that data to help advertisers target them.

However, none of these facts have ever stopped Facebook CEO Zuckerberg from talking about his company’s commitment to users’ privacy.

In April, he stood on stage and declared that “the future is private” at the Facebook F8 developer conference as well as spoke about “six core pillars” which he claimed, would help get his company build a “privacy focused” social networking platform.

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