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    DSA is a full service National & International specialist Law Firm with astounding expertise in Intellectual Property, Drafting and Conveyancing, Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Labour Laws, Arbitration, Compliance, Corporate Services, Advisory etc.

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    DSA is a full service National & International specialist Law Firm with astounding expertise in Intellectual Property, Drafting and Conveyancing, Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Labour Laws, Arbitration, Compliance, Corporate Services, Advisory etc.

    The firm was started in the year 1967 and at present has 5 offices in Delhi, one each in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore apart from the Associates who have presence in almost all the major cities of India and at present is providing Legal Services before the Hon'ble Supreme Court, all the High Courts & has well-connected network of Associates in almost 350 Districts in the Country. The success of Deepak Sabharwal & Associates in all the markets we operate in and around the world is based on the quality of its people. We represent number of large as well as small and medium Indian Corporates and Business Houses as well as Multinational Corporations including Fortune 500 companies. The firm also represents number of large Indian Government owned companies. The firm has also been an honorary advisor to the Ambassadors of few Countries.

    DSA is noted for its commitment to client service and its ability to solve the most complex and demanding legal & business challenges worldwide in a very cost-effective manner. Over the years we have helped shape and been involved in many ground-breaking developments in the legal field. Our constant endeavor is to safe guard our client’s interest effectively & efficiently on a consistent basis.

    Our legal strategies are designed to ensure the continued, effective flow of our client’s daily business operations, as well as to protect their long-term financial plans. We offer alternative fee structures and cost-efficient methods to protect our clients from runaway costs while ensuring quality in all our deliverables.

    Our group consists of a young and growing team that believes in sustainable quality, customer satisfaction and complete professionalism.

    We have highly skilled and experienced leaders from this field to lead a dedicated team comprising of CA’s, Company Secretary, lawyers & MBA’s. We are a “Single Window Service” and provide all services on “Concept to Completion” basis in time and cost-efficient manner with high quality standards.

    Areas of Practice:

    DSA is among the largest and most diversified law firms in India and offers a full range of corporate services. We serve a wide variety of Indian Companies, as well as foreign companies doing business in India and our flexile operational structure enables us to provide our corporate clients with effective and time sensitive solutions to legal issues of any kind.

    In response to the increasingly complex and varied legal need of our clients, we have grown significantly in recent years and expanded the breadth, scope and expertise of our practice areas

    We have been providing Legal Services since 1967 and over the past 43 years the firm has been instrumental in giving specialized advice on Legal, Fiscal & Financial matters to companies & individual clients. In response to the increasingly complex & varied legal needs of our clients, we have grown significantly in recent years and expanded the breadth, scope and expertise of our practice areas.

    We have conducted several constitutional and other cases in the Supreme Court of India, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Allahabad, Lucknow, Punjab & Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal, Uttaranchal, & Andra Pradesh High Courts and have represented corporate clients in almost all the High courts, Tribunals, Commission, Districts and various Forums across the country, apart from regularly advising Indian & Foreign clients on various aspects of Indian laws. Currently, we are also handling Litigation at various levels, for various clients, all over the country.

    The firm specializes in:

    • - Foreign Collaboration, Investments & Joint Ventures
    • - Intellectual Property Rights
    • - Corporate Legal Services
    • - Banking & Finance
    • - Technology Transfers
    • - Mergers and Acquisitions
    • - Information Technology
    • - Capital Market Transactions
    • - Project Finance
    • - Real Estate
    • - Antimonopoly & Competition Regulation
    • - Labour & Employment
    • - Tax Law
    • - Bankruptcy & Insolvency
    • - Motion Picture, Music and Entertainment
    • - Arbitration and Alternate Dispute Resolution
    • - Establishment of subsidiary Companies, Liaison, Branch and Project offices
    • - Regulatory approvals from the Foreign Investment Promotion

    Banking Sector Experience:

    We have been working for various Private and Public-sector banks and apart from drafting various agreements, deeds, contracts, etc. we have been conducting cases on their behalf relating to (1) Credit Cards (2) Personal Loans (3) Mortgage (4) Auto loans etc.

    We have been representing the banks for their cases under (a) Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act (b) Order 37 CPC (c) Recovery suits (d) Consumer Disputes (e) Property and Vehicle Repossession cases (f) Arbitration cases (g) Cases Under the Securitization Act (h) Cases before the Debt Recovery Tribunal ,(i) Conducting Lok Adalats,(j) Conducting Conciliation Proceedings,(k) Fraud Investigations,(l) Legal Compliance,(m) Injunction Matters,(n) Insolvency Matters,(o) Customer related Issues etc.

    Drafting & Conveyancing:

    DSA strives for excellence in client service. The firm is totally committed to delivering the highest standard of service to all clients whether small, medium or large, private or public. We have been inter alia engaged in drafting

    • - Joint Venture and Foreign Collaboration agreements (including obtaining permission & dealing with RBI, FIPB etc
    • - Technology transfer agreements
    • - Shareholders agreements (including Mergers & Acquisition and takeover agreements), Definitive,
    • - Sale /Purchase/Collaboration / and Escrow Agreements
    • - Formation of SPV’s (Special Purpose Vehicles) agreements related to sale/purchase of running units including partnership firms.
    • - Agreements related to introduction/retirements/death of partner's
    • - Retail agency agreements, Commercial contracts, Dealer/distributor agreements
    • - Assignment and transfer of intellectual property right agreements
    • - Consortium agreements, Power purchase agreements
    • - Hire purchase agreements, Agreements related to infrastructure projects
    • - Agreements related to sale/purchase of immovable property
    • - Confidentiality and non-circumvention agreements
    • - Expatriate, Arbitration, Service and insurance contracts
    • - Lease deeds (including lease deeds for hiring aircrafts, oil exploration rigs and ships)
    • - Trust deeds, Recovery agency agreements, Labour agreements, Settlement with unions
    • - Drafting of various policies for companies etc.


    DSA is recognized for its excellent Litigation practice in India. We provide specialized litigation services to clients from large Multinational Corporations to smaller, privately held business & individuals. The members of the litigation team have, over the last four decades, appeared in numerous writ petitions, special leave petitions, civil suits, civil appeals and company matters.

    Our firm provides consultancy regarding Litigation law in India, Arbitration services and Dispute resolution services. The Firm regularly provides services for all types of litigation in all Courts, Tribunals, Commissions, Forums and other Authorities throughout India. The Firm's experience in litigation extends to all types of litigation instituted and prosecuted within the country and abroad, including Recovery Suits, Property Disputes, Commercial Disputes, Product Liability, Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights, Constitutional Matters, Matrimonial Disputes, Custody Claims, Service Matters, Banking Claims, Insolvency, Criminal Matters & Other Disputes.

    The cases we are successfully conducting in courts in various fields,

    • - Contracts, Arbitration, Intellectual Property
    • - Company Law, BIFR
    • - Customs and Excise
    • - Commercial Laws, Constitutional Law
    • - Insurance, Antitrust Laws (MRTP)
    • - Consumer Forums ,FERA
    • - Matters relating to economic offences
    • - Cyber Crime, Defamation
    • - Labour, Industrial & Service matters
    • - Matters related to Leases/ Property/ Mortgages/ Transfer of Shares/ Winding up Petitions/ Writs/ Appeals / LPA,s, SLP,s.
    • - Recovery matters including matters under the Negotiable Instrument Act
    • - Defalcations by Employees/ Dealers/ Distributors, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Corporate Taxes etc.


    With one of the most International Dispute Resolution practices in the world, our Arbitration practice has an outstanding global reputation.

    An increasing area of importance in the public international law arena is disputes arising under investment treaties and we act for and against governments in relation to expropriation, fair and equitable treatment, discrimination and denial of justice claims. Public international law is also relevant to our work concerning contract frustration, sovereign immunity, and international debt issues. Many of our high-value arbitrations are international trade-related.

    The Firm has successfully handled arbitration for its clients both within India and abroad. Deepak Sabharwal & Associates has handled arbitration related to Commercial Contracts, Collaboration Disputes, Contractual Disputes, Construction Agreements, Service Agreements, Operation and Maintenance Dispute under the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and rules framed there under as well as ICA Rules.

    Mergers & Acquisitions:

    Mergers and Corporate restructuring are a big part of the corporate finance world. It involves very complex legal issues. As a result, Merger and Acquisition Lawyers are involved in every step of the process. Businesses depend on the legal expertise of these Lawyers to achieve the most favorable results for all parties involved. Our transactional expertise is deep and wide. The capability of our firm includes a full range of Merger and Acquisition activities for wide range of business sectors including energy, real estate and banking and finance. We provide practical solutions to the most complex of Acquisition and Disposals.

    Concurrently with the corporate practice, our Mergers and Acquisitions team is dedicated to providing committed, innovative and resourceful solutions that reflect our many years of experience and insight into the specialized demands of each transaction.

    Our substantial experience and proficiency in the following areas have been established by providing services across a wide range of clients and projects.

    We continue serving,

    • - Due Diligence
    • - M&A Structuring
    • - M&A Transactions and Management
    • - Cross Border M&A
    • - Global Acquisitions
    • - Leveraged Buyouts / Management Buyouts
    • - Corporate Restructuring
    • - Regulatory Compliance
    • - Negotiation & Mediation
    • - Letter of Intent/ Memorandum of Understanding
    • - Buy/Sell Negotiation- Structuring the Deal
    • - Share Purchase Agreement & Joint Venture
    • - Agreement/ Shareholders agreement
    • - Financing Acquisition

    Labour Laws:

    Labour rights is a very broad issue; however, it can be boiled down to the protection and respect of human life in the workplace and the right to work itself. We have substantial experience in advising clients on diverse issues relating to the labour and employment laws of India.

    DSA strives for excellence in client service. The firm's labour team is well versed with the highly complex areas of labour and employment related matters at both the central and state levels and also at local employment regulators. We provide solution-oriented advice and counseling in all aspects of labour matters for employers on a wide range of workplace issues, be it with trade unions, employee related disputes or statutory compliances. Our lawyers also conduct labour law audits primarily to prevent violations. Our team possesses the acumen that is required to help clients focus on the core aspects of their businesses and resolve disputes with the employees in a manner that will ensure continuity of the clients' businesses.

    We also advice on

    • - Employee Benefits
    • - Executive Compensation
    • - Traditional Retirement programs
    • - Health and Welfare benefit programs
    • - Employment and Consulting agreements, and related litigation.

    We assist our clients in preparing Employment Policies, Drafting and Reviewing employment contracts, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, negotiating with the trade unions, advising on termination, retrenchment, lay-offs, etc. We also assist our clients with various registrations and compliance under the applicable Labour laws. Also, we represent our clients before various Labour Courts & Tribunals

    Our offerings to many National and International Corporate Entities are,

    • - Incorporation of Companies;
    • - Establishment of Branch, Liaison & Representative Offices;
    • - Conducted Legal Due Diligence;
    • - Foreign Direct Investment;
    • - Warehousing, Special Economic Zones;
    • - Winding Up and Liquidations;
    • - Corporate & Shareholders’ Disputes;
    • - Corporate Restructuring & Reconstruction;
    • - Recovery of Investment by International Fund Managers;
    • - Schemes of Arrangements;
    • - Debt Restructuring;
    • - FEMA Exchange Control & Regulatory Matters;
    • - Distribution, Agency & Franchise Agreements;
    • - Foreign Collaboration, Joint Ventures;

    Corporate Services:

    We are a leading practice Law Firm providing Corporate and Commercial Legal Services to National and International Clients. In this sphere, we have provided Corporate, Commercial and Investment Consultancy to our clients ranging from company formation to drafting & executing scheme of arrangements.

    We have advised Transnational and Foreign Entities seeking to invest in India, regarding investment aspects in India, from the possible options to the requisite procedures in different circumstances. We have handled matters relating to establishment of Indian offices by different means including formation of companies in India, project offices, liaison/ representative offices, branch offices and other forms.

    The firm is totally committed to delivering the highest standard of service to all clients whether small, medium or large, private or public.

    Intellectual Property Rights:

    Companies are diligent when it comes to identifying and protecting intellectual property because it holds such high value in today's increasingly knowledge-based economy. Extracting value from intellectual property and preventing others from deriving value from it is an important responsibility for any company. You can rely on our technical expertise and practical know-how when prosecuting and defending Intellectual property infringement cases, passing-off/unfair competition and managing anti piracy campaigns and raids against traders selling counterfeit goods in association with relevant government agencies. Our global networked team of IP legal professionals has the resources and expertise you need to help protect and further your business interests.

    We have been working for various IT companies and doing their work in IPR & other field, We have also worked with other firms like Hewlett Packard Inc, Flour Daniel, Eserve ( Citi Group Company) Authbridge, Singer India Ltd, Hindustan Times Ltd. Texmaco Ltd. Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd. Grasim Industries Limited, GEC (Now known as Alstham),Maples Institute of Aviation and Hospitality,Media Video Ltd, Idea Cellular Ltd,Shaw Wallace Ltd, Weigh and Leigh College, Comcraft (Pte), Alsthom India Ltd etc.

    Apart from drafting various agreements, deeds, contracts, Negotiations for assignment ( including Limited User Agreements) of Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents etc. we have been conducting their matters relating to:

    • - Registration of Trademarks, Patents & Copyrights, Designs, Trade secrets Domain Name
    • - Registrations
    • - Valuation of Intellectual Property
    • - Rights Assets
    • - Oppositions
    • - Patent Audit
    • - Due Diligence
    • - Injunctions,
    • - Recoveries (Including Damages)
    • - Conducting Raids
    • - Taking Search Warrants,
    • - Arrests
    • - Arbitrations etc.
    • - Licensing Transactions etc.

    Real Estate:

    As real estate sector is one of the most globally recognized sectors and India is a popular destination for real estate development, DSA provides with utmost aid in this sector and provide our clients with :-

    • - Dispute resolution support in respect of variety of commercial property, industrial parks, and residential housing.
    • - Joint development: Documents, agreements, processes.
    • - Legal diligence, legal opinions and reports.

    Representing the Funds:

    In order to protect our client’s long- term financial plans, and to ensure them a secure future, we also deal with:-

    • - Structuring the fund
    • - Issuance of legal opinion
    • - Tax efficient wealth management, business succession, estate planning, family succession planning.
    • - Investment committee structures.
    • - Due – diligence from legal perspective.

    Compliance, Due-Diligence and Licensing:

    DSA is reputed for the well-known business maxim "the client always comes first.”

    We conduct due diligence and help businesses in getting Licenses (also through our Associate Advocates & other Firms’ which specialize in their respective fields) and provide Compliances under various laws including Companies Act, Labour law, tax, contractual, economic and commercial. Intellectual property rights, etc. We also deliver Due-diligence for various purposes such as acquisitions, investments, merger and acquisitions, amalgamation, and many more.

    Infrastructure and resources:

    We also provide Legal diligence and dispute resolution support for a varied variety of fundamental and urban infrastructures along with Legal support on regulation and policy aspects of infrastructure projects before various commissions and tribunals.

    Cross border ventures:

    Along with dealing with our in-house ventures, DSA also provides with

    • - India entry strategy, inbound and outbound structuring and execution.
    • - Setting up Indian companies overseas, along with partnering with compliance partners across many countries.
    • - Overseas investment advisory.
    • - Foreign exchange transaction compliances, immigration ,and tax advisory

    Information Technology and Telecom:

    • - Support on regulation and policy issues in telecom/ broadcasting sector (TRAI regulations, government circulars and notifications, OPS registration)
    • - Assistance on matters relating to the IT Act (interconnection, interception, encryption, monitoring, privacy)
    • - Drafting , reviewing and negotiating agreements (IRU,MSA,MSO,HITS, IT services/software and outsourcing)

    Labour and Employment:

    • - Regulatory compliance of social security contribution and other requirements
    • - Developing commercially attractive and tax efficient employee stock options and incentive plans
    • - Expatriate employment contracts advisory
    • - Litigation support on labour disputes and employee claims

    Banking and Finance:

    • - Structuring and documentation for financing transaction – asset finance, working capital facility, project finance, syndicate loans, external commercial borrowing
    • - Support on distress/restructuring cases, corporate debt restructuring on behalf of lenders and borrowers

    Capital Market Transaction:

    • - Corporate and securities law support, regulatory advice on securities laws, advise on takeover offers, buy-backs, delisting, block trades, etc.
    • - Representation on approval, investigation and dispute matters before regulators and the tribunal
    • - Advise on domestic and international fund raising programs ( IPO, FPO, Offer for sale, Rights issue, QIPS, Depository Receipts, FCCBs, REITs, INVITs and BTs)


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