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April 18, 2017

Air India To Formulate Standard Operating Procedure To Deal With Unruly Passengers

Air India

Air India is now formulating a standard operating procedure to deal with unruly passengers. This procedure will aim at reducing the activities of unruly passengers.

After an increase in the number of incidents of passengers being denied boarding by Indian airlines, Air India has also decided to impose fine on passengers for the delay.

According to the procedure, a fine of Rs 5 lakhs will be imposed on a delay up to 1 hour; Rs 10 lakhs on a delay between 1 to 2 hours; and Rs 15 lakhs on a delay beyond 2 hours.

Air India has further proposed training its airport and security staff on dealing with unruly passengers.

Moreover, airline employees will be required to report such incidents to the airport manager, and the complaint will then be forwarded to the chairman and managing director’s office.

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