February 26, 2019

Americans reaching out to Indian lawyer for legal aid via Internet


There has been an increasing trend of Americans approaching Indian lawyers via Internet for advice and assistance. Indian lawyers are gradually reigning upon this business opportunity for helping Americans prepare legal documents. This trend has been due to the exorbitant rates charged by Attorneys in the United States. While an average US Attorney typically charges $150-300 (Rs. 9000 – 18000 approx) per hour, the Indian lawyers are offering their services for as little as $10-20 (Rs. 600 – 1300 approx). United States has seen an increase of litigants upto 3-times for the past 10 years. Due to the growing need, the litigants have hired online attorneys from India and other countries to draft litigation documents and guide them with the process. Sites such, Vivek N Mapara& Associates have addressed to their US clientele with matters concerning Intellectual property rights, legal research, drafting legal petitions, and civil disputes such as divorce, child custody, property law. So far, the Bar Council of India and the Ministry of Legal Affairs have not raised any concern in this regard.

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