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December 26, 2017

Ban food chains from selling genetically treated chicken: Bombay HC PIL


A petition filed in the Bombay High Court has asked the court to ban multinational fast food chains from selling genetically treated chicken.

Referring to a report titled ‘Double Standards: Antibiotic Misuse by Fast Food Companies’ by the Centre of Science and Environment; the petitioner, an NGO ‘Citizen Circle for Social Welfare’, has claimed that the global fast food companies do not have any India-specific commitments to eliminate the misuse of antibiotics in their meat supply chains.

“The chicken raised in poultry farms is injected with pig fat and phosphates to increase its weight,” the petitioner alleged.

The petitioner further said, “These phosphate additives found in meat and chicken are called ‘Vascular Toxins’, capable of impairing arterial functions within hours of consumption. It further bears mention that these chicken also contain arsenic toxicity can lead to cancer of the bladder, lung, skin, kidney and colon. Even low levels of exposure can lead to paralysis and diabetes.”

Arguing that the farmers are using pesticides beyond the prescribed limits, thereby, making the produce harmful for human consumption; the petitioner has sought a mechanism to subject fruits and vegetables to stringent checks before these are distributed to vendors.

“The authorities should conduct random checks of fast food giants for taking samples and testing them for presence of genetically modified substances in the food products sold by them,” the petitioner said.

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