September 29, 2017

Doctors superannuation age enhanced to 65 years: Govt.

Doctors Superannuation

The superannuation age of doctors other than doctors of the Central Health Services (CHS) falling under various Departments/Ministries/autonomous organisations has been enhanced to 65 years by the Union Cabinet chaired Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The decision was welcomed by Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Shri J P Nadda and stated that it is a very visionary and pragmatic decision that will strengthen the health services in the country. Shri Nadda added that through this forward looking step, the services of experienced doctors shall be available to bring quality health services to the people. It will help in retaining the existing strength of experienced doctors thereby providing better patient care satisfaction.

Furthermore, he also said that by terming the decision to be people-centered and pro-patient, the decision will address the shortage of doctors. It would help improve doctor-patient ratio in the country. Proper academic activities in Medical Colleges will also be inculcated as in effective implementation of national health programmes for delivery of health care services. It may not have financial implications as many vacant posts are to be filled and the present incumbents would continue to work in their existing capacity against sanctioned posts. Around 1445 doctors of various Ministries/Departments of the Central Government would be benefitted, Shri Nadda informed.

The superannuation age of doctors under the administrative control of the respective Ministries/Departments [M/o AYUSH (AYUSH Doctors), Department of Defence (civilian doctors under Directorate General of Armed Forces Medical Service), Department of Defence Production (Indian Ordnance Factories Health Service Medical Officers), Dental Doctors under D/o Health & Family Welfare, Dental doctors under Ministry of Railways and of doctors working in Higher Education and Technical Institutions under Department of Higher Education) has been enhanced to 65 years, as per the Cabinet decision.

The Union Cabinet has approved ex-post facto, the enhancement of superannuation age of doctors working in Central Universities and IITs (Autonomous Bodies) under Department of Higher Education to 65 years; and approved enhancement of superannuation age of doctors in Major Port Trusts (Autonomous Bodies) under Ministry of Shipping to 65 years.

The Union Cabinet has sanctioned that doctors shall hold the administrative posts till the time they are 62 years and thereafter their services shall be placed in non-administrative positions.

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