October 23, 2018

EBAY Sues Amazon for Perpetrating Scheme to Infiltrate, Exploit EBAY’S Internal Member Email System


On October 17, eBay, an American multinational e-commerce corporation, filed a lawsuit against Amazon, also an American e-commerce and cloud computing company, in the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, alleging that the latter has “perpetrated a scheme to infiltrate and exploit eBay’s internal member email system” over the past several years and that Amazon has been practicing illegal tactics to recruit sellers.

eBay stated that it had earlier sent a cease-and-desist letter to Amazon and that Amazon had not replied to it. In addition, eBay also stated that Amazon was aware that its practices violated eBay's use policies and said that the activity was "part of a larger pattern of aggressive, unscrupulous conduct."

The lawsuit noted, "eBay brings this action because Amazon — unwilling to fairly compete for third-party seller business — instead has resorted to an orchestrated, coordinated, worldwide campaign, using eBay’s proprietary M2M system to illegally lure eBay sellers to sell on Amazon. eBay seeks to stop Amazon’s unlawful scheme and to obtain redress for the damage it has caused.”

eBay has thus demanded that Amazon stop leveraging its messaging system and pay an unspecified sum in monetary compensation.

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