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November 04, 2017

Eight Catalan ministers jailed for sedition: Spain Judge

Catalan ministers

On November 1, Judge Carmen Lamela of Spain's National Court jailed eight Catalan ministers by court order on charges of sedition.

The ministers' actions ravished Article 544, which states that individuals engage in sedition when they "impede, through force or extralegal methods, the application of (Spanish) law."

As observed recently by the Spain's Constitutional Court, Catalonia's referendum and subsequent declaration of independence were unconstitutional. Per Article 545, sedition carries a sentence of 10-15 years in prison for people in positions of "authority." A possibly higher charge which carries a sentence of up to 25 years in prison would be an outbreak.

Lamela found they posed a high flight risk and hence, denied the ministers bail. Already, five key players in the Catalan referendum, including Carles Puigdemont, the deposed President of Catalonia, have fled the country to Belgium.

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