August 08, 2017

Govt Developing Technology To Eliminate Chances Of Communication Leakage Of Officials From Mobiles

Mobile Leakage

An official from the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MEITY) has said that the government is developing technology to eliminate chances of communication leakage of officials from mobile phones.

It has been said that "Gadgets have become a source from where chances of espionage have increased. Mobile phones are most vulnerable and even set-top-boxes can be compromised. For mobiles, the government is developing a solution to prevent unauthorized access to communications of government officials."

Reportedly, "The problem is India does not have its operating system. Therefore, there are apprehensions that mobile communication may be getting leaked. There have been several cases as well where hackers have taken control over phone to access communication of officers."

The MEITY official said that the technology will act like a layer between the operating system of a mobile phone and communication of officials.

The official further added that "The technology is being developed keeping in mind need of critical communications of security personnel. It will be largely limited to a government officer. There has been no thinking on opening it for general masses as of now."

"Most of the applications seek permission to access microphone, call record, SMS etc in a mobile phone. Users often fail to download a mobile application when they deny permit to access microphone etc. The new technology will prevent such downloaded application on the phone from accessing security sensitive parts of a mobile phone," it said.

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