March 06, 2017

Human Rights Annual Report: US Releases Present Status Of Global Human Rights

Rex Tillerson

The US State Department released its annual report on present human rights situation across the world. The annual human rights report has been published annually since the mid-1970s and has usually been accompanied by a press conference. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson chose to write a short foreword to the report in lieu of an actual press conference.

In his short foreword, Tillerson said that “standing up for human rights and democracy is not just a moral imperative but is in the best interest of the United States in maintaining security and stability in the global community.”

The annual report harshly criticized the current extra-judicial killings in the Philippines' war-on-drugs and Turkey's "inconsistent access to due process" and "governmental inference with freedom of expression." It was derided by many as sending "an unmistakable signal to human rights defenders that the United States may no longer have their back."

Former State Department Spokesman PJ Crowley said that the failure to have a press conference was more likely a matter of Tillerson adapting to the new position than anything else.

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