October 03, 2017

Purdue Pharma sued over opioid epidemic


On September 28, alleging that the pharmaceutical company is responsible for the opioid epidemic growth, the state of Washington sued Purdue Pharma in King County Superior Court.

Alleging Purdue and other pharmaceutical corporations, Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed the lawsuit stating that they used deceptive advertising to increase opioid prescription sales. The lawsuit accuses Purdue of using such deceptive tactics for two decades, including acts deceiving Oxycontin's addictiveness, consumer's ability to manage addiction and abuse risks, and claims that Oxycontin improves function.

The culprits are accused of infringing the Consumer Protection Act, creating a public nuisance and acting carelessly, thereby contributing to the opioid crisis in Washington, which has led to 700 deaths since 2006.

The current lawsuit makes Washington the tenth state to file a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers.

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