March 06, 2019

SC moved against BCI life ban by Chennai Lawyer

Supreme Court Of India

Justice D.Y. Chandrachud, while hearing the plea of the first lawyer after Mahatma Gandhi to get a life ban at the instance of the Bar Council of India – Chennai-based Advocate Manikandan Chettiar – said, "What's the point of the allegations against the Judges? Impleading the judges as parties to proceedings? What interest does a Judge have? You implead the Advocate General? The whole world?"

According to Advocate Manikandan, he has been victimized for exposing corruption by the alleged Judges-lawyers’ nexus at courts in Chennai.

The lawyer who drew the appeal and the Advocate-on-Record sought the leave of the court to dissociate from the matter, submitting that after the memo was drafted, certain changes were incorporated sans their consent.

Representing the appellant-advocate before the Supreme Court Friday, Senior Counsel Colin Gonsalves said, "Something very wrong has happened here. His whole team of lawyers is very embarrassed. Some very awkward statements have been made...The petition was drafted in a sober manner, but it was subsequently changed. And now we are all trapped was very nicely drafted. Our approach was to throw ourselves at the mercy of the court. But now, the AOR and the advocate who drew the petition wish to withdraw from it as their reputation is at stake...

Justice Chandrachud concurred, Yes... even the list of dates, which the Judges peruse and form an opinion, is unclear..."

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