September 13, 2017

Union Cabinet approves three MoUs

India and Morocco

On September 12, the Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the signing of Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) between India and Morocco on cooperation in the field of Health; between India and Armenia on Cooperation in the field of Disaster Management; and between India and Japan in field of Silk Industry.

The MoU between India and Morocco covers the following areas of cooperation:

• Non-communicable diseases, including child cardiovascular diseases and cancer;

• Drug regulation and pharmaceutical quality control;

• Communicable diseases;

• Maternal, child, and neonatal health;

• Hospital twinning for exchange of good practices;

• Training in administration and management of health services and hospitals;

• Any other area of cooperation as may be mutually decided upon.

The MoU between India and Armenia states the following:

• The MoU would enhance cooperation in the field of Disaster Management and contribute to the well-being and safety of the people of both the countries in the event of disaster.

• It will result in exchange of information in the relevant fields of disaster management which is of mutual interest.

• The MoU seeks to put in place a system whereby both India and Armenia will be benefited from the disaster management mechanisms of the other country and will help in strengthening the areas of preparedness, response, and capacity building.

The MoU between India and Japan states the following:

• The MoU was signed between Central Silk Board (CSB), India, and National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (NIAS), Japan, in November 2016.

• The MoU, which was of scientific and technological nature, aims at initiating Collaborative Research for developing prolific bivoltine hybrids of silkworm suitable for Indian tropical conditions. Its purpose was to help in developing prolific hybrid silkworms, which will improve quality standards and manufacturing capacity of Indian sericulture industry to enhance exports of silk and silk products.

• It is expected that subsequent to MoU, Indian Textiles and Apparel Industry will be able to produce world class silk and silk products. The improvement of quality and productivity will ultimately increase export of silk products.

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