Back in March 2018, the Indian legal market was pegged at approximately US$ 400 million. With the march of globalization, trade and technology, coupled with the development initiatives and policy reforms undertaken by the Government of India, it has grown and is only set to grow further.

On the one hand, Indian companies are expanding their global footprint through subsidiaries and associations with foreign firms and on the other, foreign companies and multinationals are increasingly setting shop here, leading to a surge in business opportunities and demand for a plethora of legal services. Indian lawyers and law firms are seen as fast adapting to newer needs and gaining competency in emerging legal services’ sectors such as corporate, arbitration, competition law, international trade law, environmental law, intellectual property law, inbound and outbound foreign direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, legal process outsourcing, project finance, technology transfer, and restructuring and insolvency, among others.

The past decade or two has witnessed increasing such interplay between law and commerce and the country’s legal sector has been quick to cash in on the unfolding corporate landscape, both within and beyond borders. Younger, fullservice law firms have burgeoned even as older, family-run firms attempt to keep pace by embracing an array of quasilegaltransactional and advisory functions. Even the court-based litigation system has seen a series of judicial reforms, aimed at bringing about a semblance of efficiency in justice delivery.

Driving this sea transformation are none other than those whom we felicitate in this coffee table book entitled, “Distinguished Legal Minds”. These great men and women, have, with their talent, ability, hard work and dedication, carved a niche for themselves in an industry that is tough to survive, let alone win and make one’s own. They are the pillars of the Indian legal community, who have not only perfected their own game but also given back to the law, society and economy in the process. Historically, lawyers have always played a critical role in society as educationists, reformers, activists and leaders, and the eminent jurists we celebrate are no different in that they have helped resolve conflicts in a just and peaceful manner, contributing immensely to a law-abiding and progressive society. Their excellence, innovation, finesse and vision enable them to stand out among their peers.

“Distinguished Legal Minds” is a record for posterity of the individual journeys, achievements and aspirations of these magnificent men and women. It is our intent that it rises beyond being a chronicle and acquaints readers with the person behind the persona, the human being behind the professional. Sharing space in this book are names so tall that nothing short of a consecrated space would do them justice; others without whom the corridors of law would likely crumble; and still others who’ve just about begun to dazzle the industry with their light. Fittingly, we have classified the book into three sections: Distinguished Senior Counsel, Distinguished Lawyers and Leading Law Firm Partners, respectively. However, browse any part and you will find yourself in most illustrious company! For generations of lawyers and law students to come, this book is sure to serve as inspiration, a proud possession to borrow a leaf from at any point in time…

Our gratitude to Justice DipakMisra, Former Chief Justice of India for taking time out of his busy schedule to pen the exceptional foreword to this tome.

We are aware that we have missed out quite a few prominent names but we beg to be forgiven as the omission is only due to time constraints. Significantly, this is also our very own labor of love; an ode to the completion of 10 glorious years of Legal Era Magazine. We cannot thank enough our creative and capable editorial, research and design teams for their hard work and commitment in bringing out this beautiful and insightful book.

Finally, we hope our humble tribute to the best minds in business will spark animated conversations, not to mention the readers’ interest, and find its way into umpteen homes and hearts.