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In the business of empowering the legal community worldwide since 2007

Legal Era - Legal Media Group of Ara Technolegal Solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading integrated media company founded by Ms. Aakriti Raizada. 2007 to date, we have evolved and diversified in ways more than one as we anticipated the needs of the legal community and empowered them with information and tools to succeed in rapidly-changing times. We are a proud 75,000+ members that include lawyers, corporate counsels, general counsels (GCs), arbitrators, CXOs, CEOs, and other industry leaders.

Having worked with over 75,000 professionals, our vast array of thoughtful services and slick solutions makes us the only brand serving the legal community with a comprehensive suite of content offerings and services in all mediums. Our services range from crafting and presenting thought leadership publications such as Legal Era and IP Era, digital products, and bespoke information on the business, finance, intellectual property (IP), and investment fields, to creating meaningful opportunities via events and conferences, networks and academies, recruitment and consulting.

With an international presence in Singapore, South Africa, UAE, the UK, and the US, our objective is to serve as India’s most credible platform for the global legal community while being a strong go-to bridge between the government and the industry.

Legal literacy is fundamental to achieve better governance. That’s our core belief.

We believe that legal literacy is critical to achieve better governance. Hence, we consistently initiate, integrate, and innovate the new-generation law by publishing opinions and articles by eminent lawyers and experts.

We share this belief with our Patron & Advisory Board members Justice Dipak Misra, Former, Chief Justice of India; Justice Arjan Kumar Sikri, Former Judge Supreme Court of India; Justice Deepak Verma, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India; Dr. Lalit Bhasin, President, Society of Indian Law Firms & Former President, Bar Association of India; Amarjit Singh Chandhiok, President Elect, Bar Association of India & President INSOL India; and Rafique Dada, Senior Counsel, Bombay High Court, Janak Dwarikadas, Senior Counsel, and Darius Khambatta, Senior Counsel 

Our unrelenting focus is on being a beacon of credible information that our audiences can fall back on, whatever the situation may be.

Irrespective of the topsy-turvy times we may be in, our focus on the power of well-informed coverage is unrelenting. This conviction in always providing accurate, useful, and first-hand information is what has helped us grow from a niche mindset to a powerful, mainstream movement that enjoys the reputation of being ‘a reliable brand’ for our audiences everywhere.

Brand Legal Era has evolved and diversified over the last decade while expanding our horizons and creating an impact on the legal community globally.

We have and continue to live an incredible journey of adaptation, intelligent predictions, and milestones that leave an impact on every professional whose life we touch. Needless to say, we’re constantly evolving with agility and flexibility. So, our services and solutions culminate with a colon, not a full stop.

The Legal Era Magazine is rated Asia’s top law magazine and 5th in the world. And that’s not all. We also present its digital counterpart – an online newspaper.

Born online in 2009 as with the motto ‘by the people, for the people, and of the people,’ this online newspaper has become a one-stop-shop for dedicated business intelligence on the legal industry delivered through accurate news reporting, insight analysis, and scientific trend forecasts.

The extremely popular Legal Era Magazine saw its first print release in 2010, and since then, it has been serving the global legal fraternity as a unique and dedicated monthly channel capturing content that matters. Name it and it’s there - legal news, views, policy developments, in-depth editorials, expert articles, interviews with eminent legal and corporate personalities, legal trivia, and judgment analyses.

Now there are many magazines in the legal field. But what makes Legal Era stand out? Why was

Legal Era Magazine recently declared Asia’s Number One? Why did we rank as the World’s Number Five (an honour we share with The American Lawyers’ Magazine USA and The Lawyers UK) legal magazine amid stiff international competition?

We believe that sticking to our fundamentals has helped the publication thrive. Our USPs are freshness of thought, diversity, global appeal, and the sheer range and depth of content that captivates our audiences.

We believe in the power of networking and dialogue. We achieve that through our professionally-organized conferences and events.

One of our objectives is to promote dialogue between lawyers via global conferences. However, we know that conducting successful conferences is an art and requires focused effort. Hence, we have a specialized department dedicated to conference management services in legal, finance, and intellectual property.

Legal Era is the only organization from India to have held an Indo-Asian Law Conclave in Singapore (2012), a Legal Era Conclave in London (2016 and 2017), and Legal Era Conclave in Washington DC (2018 and 2019). The latter saw speakers from 25 countries.

With years of experience in organizing 85+ international conferences and exhibitions in the US, the UK, Singapore, Africa, India, and recently the Middle East, our events have become known in the industry for their professionalism, slick promotions, and a designed approach to work.

Such events provide unprecedented opportunities for international networking and professional growth as lawyers meet, connect, and debate. They join several unique knowledge-sharing forums, actively engage in compelling matters of worldwide interest and relevance, gather quality and specialist information on different legal aspects, and tackle challenges facing the community as a whole.

Learning is a constant process. Consistent collaboration is a necessity. We make sure we enable that at a granular level, unconditionally, all the time.

To constantly stay alive to our mission to share knowledge and invite collaboration, we go beyond conferences to regularly organize study tours, round-table discussions, seminars, exhibitions, dialogues and discussions. All these engagements not only disseminate critical business intelligence to a rapidly growing corporate world, but also bridge the gap between makers and followers of policy, regulators and industry, and lawyers and laymen.

In the last few years, we have placed even greater thrust on such engagements.

And in the new normal era, where people are feeling disconnected, isolated, and are missing the feeling of belongingness, our emphasis on such networking and interactive engagements is only set to become more relevant than ever. The medium may turn to virtual, the format will change, but the essence remains the same.

Recognition is a basic human need and one of the biggest motivators. We recognize hard work. We award talent.

The Legal Era Awards, a formidable name in the industry, has been recognizing legal finesse, innovation, and accomplishments in the legal fraternity since 2011. The awardees include individual lawyers, corporate legal teams, and law firms.

Apart from that, we have been instituting year-after-year a range of one-of-a-kind awards such as the Indian Legal Awards, Global Intellectual Property Awards, 40 Under 40 Rising Star Awards, Global Achievers’ Awards, Legal Education Awards, and the Global Intellectual Property  Awards.