Legal Era Media Group, a leading integrated media company is in the business of empowering the legal community worldwide since 2007. And in this stellar period of more than a decade, the Legal Era Community has become a mega global think tank of expert professionals in the field of business and law. Playing a leading role in thought leadership and policy debates, it is Legal Era’s consistent endeavour to stay true to the mission of being ‘The Industry’s Gobal Voice for Driving Law & Policy Change’.

To put it simply, Legal Era is the global voice of the legal fraternity. Constantly at work to discover global developments and opportunities for the legal and business ecosystem, Legal Era is a well-established name known for contributing to the empowerment of the business and the legal profession.

With an international presence in Singapore, South Africa, UAE, the UK, and the US, the allied bodies of Legal Era are a vast fleet of talent coming together. Some of them are:

  • LegalEraWomenLawyersNetwork(LWLN)
  • LegalEraGlobalLawyersNetwork(GBLN)
  • LegalEraCorporateCounselAssociation(LCCA)
  • LegalEraArbitratorsAssociation(LAA)
  • LegalEraMediatorsAssociation(LMA)
  • LegalEraTechnologyLawyersAssociation(LTLA),and
  • LegalEraCFOCouncil(LCFOC),tonameafew.

The Legal Era Community of global business lawyers have recognized fine talents of the legal sector from these several regions – the US, the UK, India, South Africa, and the Middle East. All these times, they have been recognised and celebrated across industry for their excellent eye in catching the true talents and rewarding them.

They also have a reputation of staying ahead of the curve, and going even bigger and better with every event. And this time, for sure, they are going grander – by bringing the Asia Pacific region into the radar, a bigger pool to dip in and bring out the finest and deserving legal talents.

Legal Era-Legal Media Group is a renowned brand in the legal industry significantly respected for its work in the areas of research, ranking and surveys. That is also why extending an arm towards the Asia Pacific Region is a logical step ahead in its journey towards creating more and more meaningful opportunities for the legal fraternity, globally.

So, after months of conceptualisation and planning, here they are, proud to formally announce the launch of the Asia Pacific Legal Week. The focus will be on exploring critical, current legal topics that impact lawyers and their clients in India and key Asia Pacific jurisdictions.

The aim is to host a week of events, outlined in the table below. Participants will be a leading law firm in each host country with eminent General Counsel, business executives and lawyers invited as speakers. The host country will, team up with an Indian law firm for each of the sessions to formulate cutting-edge topics relevant to the connections (legal and business) between each country. The Week will be supported by local Corporate Counsel Associations, both from India, the region and each relevant country.

A Steering Committee will be a part of this event with a Conference Chair and a Committee. There will be Advisory Board Members that will include APAC judges etc.

And that’s not all. The Asia Pacific Legal Week will conclude with a virtual awards ceremony - the Legal Era Asia Pacific Law Awards 2022, an occasion to celebrate exceptional contributions and outstanding achievements of law firms, top local deals and dealmakers in the Asia-Pacific region, all of it done through sheer dedication and commitment – a well-respected trait among Asians.

Legal Era will host the online event and attend to all logistics of the online program. It will also market the event throughout its network. All participants will be able to market the event as they decide, and use social media platforms to promote the event.

The Table below outlines the format for the Week. Note the following time differences from Mumbai (local time for Legal Era, with Beijing plus 2.5hrs, Tokyo plus 3.5hrs, Seoul plus 3.5hrs, Jakarta plus 1.5hrs). For the regional session, Singapore plus 2.5hrs, Kuala Lumpur plus 2.5 1.5hrs and Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City plus 1.5hrs