Indian Legal Awards 2020-2: An Initiative by Legal Era - Legal Media Group

We all need to push ourselves, especially lawyers, considering how important legal expertise has become for business in general. At a time when blurring geopolitical boundaries, economic and technological advances are creating a host of challenges for the legal fraternity, cut-throat competition being the least of them, how does one choose the best legal counsel? Is there a yardstick to judge the best legal practitioner, legal team or law firm the industry has to offer?

Legal Era Magazine of the Legal Media Group was among the first to recognize this problem and offer a solution. Nine years ago, it instituted the Legal Era Awards aka Indian Legal Awards, to recognize legal finesse, innovation and accomplishments… You think these are tall claims? Then think again!

Ten years and nine editions later, we are proud to say that the Indian Legal Awards stand out in a crowded legal awards market, courtesy their credibility, impartiality, egalitarianism and international flavor. I say credibility, because they are not rigged in any way. Impartiality, because merit alone decides the winners, who are selected by an independent jury comprising the most distinguished names in business, based on submissions along with exhaustive research and industry reviews. Egalitarianism, because all achievers are equal in our eyes, be they well known or (relatively) unknown names. International flavor, because the Awards have transcended geographical borders. Notably, the Indian Legal Awards continue to be the most coveted certificate of competence in the Indian legal industry.

That said, we’re inviting submissions to the 10th Edition Indian Legal Awards 2020-21, to be held in Mumbai, India, on March 8, 2021. The last date for sending in your entries is December 10, 2020. The Awards are categorized as: Law Firms, In-House, Individual, International and Premier League, to reflect the painstaking work undertaken by law firms, legal teams and legal practitioners in India and abroad. The Awards span practice areas both old and new, such as banking, insurance, media and entertainment, pharmaceuticals, information technology, telecommunication and e-commerce. The selection criteria include service type and range, business type and operation, and individual/team expertise, among others. Some of our groundbreaking titles include: Lifetime Achievement, Legal Icon of the Year, Star General Counsel of the Year (Male and Female), and Star Young Achiever (Law Firm and In-House). Over the years, we’ve also done some tweaking like adding new categories to meet the changing needs of the legal-scape.

Coming back to the 10th Edition Indian Legal Awards 2020-21, they will provide unique networking and branding and sponsorship opportunities, including extensive coverage in pioneering publications like Legal Era Magazine. With the who’s who of business and law in attendance, not to mention discerning speakers and some popular entertainers, the Awards night will be a style statement you definitely don’t want to miss.


Legal Era – Legal Media Group is India’s leading integrated media company founded by Ms. Aakriti Raizada. 2007 to date, we have evolved and diversified in ways more than one as we anticipated the needs of the legal community and empowered them with information and tools to succeed in rapidly-changing times. We are a proud 75,000 members that include lawyers, corporate counsels, general counsels (GCs), arbitrators, CXOs, CEOs, and other industry leaders.

Having worked with over 75,000 professionals, our vast array of thoughtful services and slick solutions makes us the only brand serving the legal community with a comprehensive suite of content offerings and services in all mediums. Our services range from crafting and presenting thought leadership publications such as Legal Era and IP Era, digital products, and bespoke information on the business, finance, intellectual property (IP), and investment fields, to creating meaningful opportunities via events and conferences, networks and academies, recruitment and consulting. As India's foremost Legal News Media Group, we provide a unique and dedicated channel through Legal Era Magazine (print publication) and www.legaleraonline.com (official website) amongst our suite of high-value products.

With an international presence in Singapore, South Africa, UAE, the UK, and the US, our objective is to serve as India’s most credible platform for the global legal community while being a strong go-to bridge between the government and the industry. We provide a dedicated platform to connect with policymakers, regulators, ministers, central and state government officials, and experts from varied fields. That way we engage, integrate, and make recommendations to the highest level of policymaking.

Legal Era regularly organizes national and international study tours, roundtable discussions, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and workshops. Based on ensuing exchange of thoughts, we make submissions to government and international agencies in various industries. We hold dialogues on a range of legal fields thereby disseminating critical business intelligence to the rapidly growing corporate world. We also actively facilitate discussion on Public Policy and Advocacy issues.

From discussions to recommendations, government rules to directives, policy to implementation, and regulation to compliance, we ideate to integrate growth. And in the new normal, there couldn’t be a more opportune time than now to say - we are one voice, one community, one energy. Each one of us at Legal Era envisions being an integral part of this oneness, proliferating credible knowledge, and optimizing business opportunities for the legal community.

We constantly work towards making a difference.



• Copy the attached form on a company letter head and then answer all the questions in Word format.

• Do not delete a question if it does not apply to you, just leave it.

• If something is confidential, mark it as confidential throughout

• Please email your submission to awards@legalera.in

• Your submission needs to highlight deals, cases, wins, and initiatives that best exemplify your performance; objective data and research that support your submission will be looked on favorably at various stages.


a) Entries are invited from eminent Professionals, Legal Teams, and Law Firms globally for their impeccable contribution in 2020 under the listed categories.

b) All submissions should meet the criteria and guidelines mentioned herein.

c) A personal profile should be sent along with the entry, coupled with supporting documents which may include quotes, client testimonials, and other referrals.

d) All entries should be made in digital format via email substantiated with relevant proof and supporting documents.

e) A 1,000-word Statement of Purpose (SOP) should be submitted, which should give demonstrable reasons and examples of achievement. The SOP submitted should include answers to the list of questions mentioned in the form below.

f) Kindly note that submission forms with proper summary are encouraged as it helps in better evaluation and the jury makes note of the SOP.

g) 20-30 Client referrals for firms and individuals.

h) This year, due to pandemic the work has been low, we shall consider all factors but we would like you to share full information on why you or your firm should win in that award category.

i) Processing fee of Rs.59,000 (inclusive of GST) should be paid with the submission forms,

j) Submission forms will not be accepted without payment of processing fee

k) Legal Era Subscribers/Members are not required to pay submission fee

l) The award ceremony will be a ticketed event.

m) All winners will be announced not before the night of the Awards.

n) All submissions should be made before 15th February, 2021.



a) Legal Expertise and Innovation

b) Strategic Vision

c) Business Winning

d) Client Care

e) Employee Development

f) Commitment to Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility


*Please note that only a single nomination is allowed per form

1. Name of Award Category: _____________________________________________________________________________

2. Firm/Organization Name applying for the award:(Provide details such as Contact No., Email id and address)__________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. Partner Name & Practice Area:________________________________________________________________________

4. Profile of the Partner(Should include age of the partner and year of qualification followed by milestone achieved and career graph)

5. No of members in his/her team

6. Lead Deals in the past 1 year(Best 10 deals or less can be submitted)

i) Best Deals in past one year

ii) Why is it the Best

iii) Name of the partner who led the Deal & role played by him/her

iv) Name of the team members who led the Deal & role played by them

v) Matter value (Currency & figures)

vi) Is this a Cross-Border Matter; if yes, describe the jurisdiction

vii) Other firm(s) involved

viii) Date of completion

ix) Current Status

7. List of Key Clients

8. Ranking of firm in that practice area

9. Do you have a foreign desk in your office? If yes, provide name of the partner & recent work in past 1 year (This question is to be answered if you are applying for Category-22)

10. Why should your firm win this award in 2020?(Explain why you are better than others in this practice area)

11. Additional supporting information(E.g., links to league tables, press coverage of cases, awards & recognition)

12. List of Client Referrals with contact details(Email & mobile no. should be attached at the end of the submission)

13. Contact person details to arrange interview with the Partner(Name, email, cell no)


DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION – 15th February 2021

*Please note that only a single nomination is allowed per form

*Please fill the form in BLOCK Letters

Name of Award Category:__________________________________________________________________

Firm/Organization Name applying for the award:

Ph No.: Email:


Partner Name & Practice Area:

Profile of the Partner (Should include age of the partner and year of qualification followed by milestone achieved and career graph):

No of members in his/her team:

Lead Deal(s) in the past 1 year (Best 10 deals or less can be submitted): Please use the Table below

No. Best Deals in past one year Why is it the Best Name of the partner who led the Deal & role played by him/her Name of the team members who led the Deal & role played by them Matter value (Currency &figures) Is this a Cross-Border Matter; if yes, describe the jurisdiction Other firm(s) involved Date of

completion Current status

List of Key Clients:

Ranking of firm in that practice area:

Contact person details to arrange interview with the Partner (Name, email, cell no):

Contact Person Details Partner Details

Name Email Cell No Name Email Cell No

List of lawyers with expertise in foreign jurisdiction (May or may not be dual qualified):

Do you have an India desk in your office? If yes, provide the name of the partner & recent work in past 1 year:

Why should your firm win this award in 2020? (Explain why you are better than others in this practice area):

Additional supporting information (E.g., links to league tables, press coverage of cases, awards & recognition):

List of lawyers, in-house lawyers/GCs, Barristers, advocates who endorse you for this award:

Name & Designation Description/Comment

List of Client Referrals with contact details (Email & mobile no. should be attached at the end of the submission):

Client Name Contact Details Client Comment


I would like to nominate (Mention Award Category Name): __________________________________

* Please use a maximum of 1,200 words

Iam proposing


1. How do I make a nomination?

Through email

2. Am I limited as to the number of nominations I can make or how many times I can nominate the same person/organization?

You can make a nomination in as few or as many Award categories as you wish. You may nominate the same person or organization for more than one award.

3. Can I self-nominate?

If you wish to be considered for an award yourself, you may submit a self-nomination.

4. Is there a word limit when making my nomination?

Some questions on the nomination page specify a word limit. We expect the Client Referral Letter to be of 1,000 words.

5. What are client referrals?

Client referrals are the lists of names with contact details of peers you work with or clients who recommend your work. The referral lists will allow us to take recommendations on your behalf and support your submissions.

6. Can we make submissions on a company letter?

Yes, you can make submissions on a company or firm letter head but follow the questions that are mentioned in the form and send us all before the deadline.

7. If we have doubts where should we call?

Dial us on +91-8879634922

8 When will I hear if I have been successful and made it to the shortlists?

Legal Era shall notify firms and individuals shortlisted for the categories in mid-December.

9. Can't find the information you were looking for?

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact on +91-8879634922