Aditya Bhaskaran

Aditya Bhaskaran is the Head – Legal at Indus Biotech Limited, an innovative biotechnology company based in Pune. Being a company that primarily caters to international markets, Aditya leverages his background in law to evaluate potential business initiatives, negotiate international contracts, review key regulations for market entry and formulate strategies to set up business ventures overseas. He works with various departmental heads to achieve the company’s long-term growth strategy and assists in improving financial reporting and corporate governance. He also plays a critical role in shareholder relations and works with individuals and body corporates. Besides his responsibilities on legal aspects of the business, he works with the business development and scientific affairs teams to bring new products to the market. He assists in preparing technical and regulatory documentation for the company’s products and evaluates their market potential, pricing and profitability.

Aditya completed his master’s from the prestigious Ivy League school, University of Pennsylvania, and completed his undergraduate degree in law from ILS Law College, Pune. He has worked with noted investment bankers, tax advisors, business consultants and corporate lawyers in his role at Indus Biotech. His areas of interest include corporate law, business strategy, business planning, budgeting, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. Aditya is known for his directness, clear thought process and ability to bring strong business intuition and commercial acumen to management discussions. He is revolutionising and expanding the role of ‘legal counsels’ and is now being recognised as one of the leading business lawyers in the country.

A firm believer in 'Smart Work' as opposed to being a 'workaholic'. Workaholism is romanticised a lot these days - but smart, efficient work styles are more sustainable. Detailed planning, preparation and focussed execution is critical to success in any field

Aditya is an immensely talented lawyer and it has been a pleasure to work with him over the last couple of years. Aditya has a refreshingly honest approach to work — every issue is dealt with on its merits, without preconceived notions and distractions. He has great instinct and the courage to take and stand by difficult decisions. I have known Aditya to keep a cool head under pressure and he has the ability to build consensus among various groups of people to achieve a common goal. Aditya is also an insightful lawyer. He has the ability to delve deep into the nitty-gritties of legal precedent while keeping a firm grasp on the big picture. All in all, Aditya is a great general counsel for the company and a client from whom I couldn’t ask for more!

Anuradha Agnihotri
Partner, Trilegal

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