Debolina Partap

Debolina Partap, a Gold Medalist in Masters of Law, is a Senior Vice President, Legal and Group GC, Wockhardt. With an experience of 28 long years in banking, finance, pharma and healthcare, her responsibility includes all corporate legal work, M&As, IP management, licensing deals and Litigation Management, legal compliance, transactions management amongst others. She has widespread proficiency in advising top management on legal risks to the organization as well. Her contribution to Covid-19 vaccine contracts is huge. Inclusion of her main accomplishments are, inter alia, successfully handling and concluding complex M&A structures and deals, settling complex financial cases and arbitrations filed against Wockhardt Limited, multi-jurisdictional arbitrations on commercial disputes and settling intricate derivatives suits filed against Wockhardt group worldwide.

Wockhardt is a leading pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare provider, all combined. She takes care of legal issues concerning complex and composite global regulatory matters related to Wockhardt Group. She is one of the very few general counsels globally who tackle forensics and data analytics. International and national recognized legal organizations have bestowed several accolades to her and her team.

In her current assignment, Ms. Partap is responsible for driving the legal corporate governance, legal regulatory management and compliance system in Wockhardt, legal aspects of banking, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, legal strategy, legal risk management, litigation management, brands and IP management, contracts, properties, finance documentation, supporting value growth and expansion of the Wockhardt group across geographical locations in India and strengthening the international presence across 52 countries.

Ms. Partap has been in the legal field for about two decades and has established a niche in the field of legal compliance system, legal regulatory management, legal solutions management and brands safety and development. In her career spanning approximately 28 years in banking, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, she has held several positions of increasing responsibility as head of departments, functions and zones. Her expertise in banking, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, legal strategy, legal regulatory risk management, legal risk management, litigation management, brands and IP management, business analysis and successfully integrating business, compliance, risks, strategy, operations and management through well integrated legal systems and legal technology has set benchmarks in legal solutions management in Wockhardt group.

Ms. Partap is a Gold Medalist in LLM from Bombay University and began her career in 1990 as an advocate. Her journey in the corporate sector commenced with IDBI in 1993 and then she shifted to pharma and healthcare in 2006. She is an active legal member of FICCI and an avid speaker in various legal forums and in many international forums like Terrapin, Biopharma, IBC Asia, International Bar Association, SIAC, etc.

Ms. Partap and her team has been awarded more than 100 awards, all at international and national levels.

“Never give up on patience”

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