Dr. Manoj Kumar

Alongside leading Hammurabi & Solomon Partners (ranked as a top 20 amongst Indian Law Firms by the prestigious Asian Legal Business) as its founder & managing partner, Dr. Kumar is also the Vice-Chair of the Energy & Natural Resources Committee of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), Vice-President of the Society of Indian Law Firms, Vice-President of the Society of Construction Law UK – India (SCL-India), visiting fellow with Asia’s Top-ranking think tank – Observer Research Foundation (ORF), an expert with the UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab, visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), editorial board member of Thinkers 50 India, independent director on Corporate Boards, distinguished arbitrator and an alum of the prestigious Harvard Business School & National Law School of India.

Dr. Kumar has built up a strong thought leadership relevant to the continuing economic and regulatory challenges of the country, providing the highest quality service to his ambitious clients. His ability to identify & access the right government officials & provide an inside perspective of how the government operates and how its actions can affect the clients positioned his leaders in the league. Engaging extensively across various sectors of the Indian industry, Dr. Kumar is involved closely with industry bodies and think tanks in various capacities and responsibilities.

Dr. Kumar is named as one of the 100 Legal Luminaries of India by LexisNexis and also successively by the Indian Business Law Journal (IBLJ - A-List of top 100 lawyers of India) and has been ranked the best in the ‘Policy & Regulation’ practice by IBLJ back to back for over a decade. Dr. Kumar has also been awarded and recognised by various national and international publications such as IFLR1000, Asialaw Profiles, Asian Legal Business, Forbes India including the best Managing Partner of the Year by BW Businessworld, to name a few. Notably, Dr. Kumar was Conferred the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Samman at the House of Lords, London and is also an Honorary Professor of the Academic Union of Oxford, the UK for business & economy.

The involvement of Dr. Kumar on various Boards of reputed companies as also on platforms for policy formulation, recommendation and prediction go a long way in bringing strategic value to the clients. He provides a more foundational understanding of the dynamics of the environment they need to operate in India and also helps them actually bring about policies and regulations which benefit clients tremendously over time. Be it changing dynamics of the country or the development of new policies like the Companies Amendment Bill, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code Amendments, Regulation of Online-Gaming in India, Data-Protection & Privacy, EU-GDPR, Energy & Mining Laws, International Arbitrations Rules, Taxation of Non-Smoking Tobacco, Telecom Policy compliance by Telecom Companies etc., Dr. Kumar has always ensured to be the first movers in the country.

Dr. Kumar is a distinguished author, strategist, columnist, thought leader and called upon by top-of-the-line Indian and international institutions including the World Bank, IBA, ABA, CII, SILF, SCL, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Bar Council of Kerala, Indian Law Society, Cochin Institute of International Arbitrations for contributions, counsel, discussions and training on various key issues. Dr Kumar is also the past guest editor of the fall issue of American Bar Associations (ABA) India Legal News, a patron of Doctors for You (Doctorsforyou.org) and chairs the India Strategy Group, International Legal Advocacy Network and India Unites Foundation.

“Leadership from behind, being innovative, eye for detail, the gold standard in integrity and a continuous commitment to be trusted by our clients through our pursuit for excellence.”

“Dr. Kumar inspires my confidence with his rare ability to chisel solutions beyond the realm of plain vanilla litigation -- never losing sight of the client’s overarching business strategy and public policy. Under his mentorship, H&S Partners has an institutionalised thought process that brings a finer outcome at the sweet spot of strategy, public policy and regulation.”

Rohit Bansal
Group Leader, Reliance Industries Limited

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