Jamshed P Cama

Jamshed P. Cama have been in practice since the year 1973 and was designated as Senior Advocate in the year 1991. Mr. Cama’s field of practice is in Labour Law and Constitutional Law. He have appeared as Counsel in several High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.

Mr. Cama finds Constitutional Law most fascinating since it involves interpretation of both the Constitution itself and Statutes operating throughout the country. Even in the field of Labour Law he had the good fortune to be involved in a vast number of cases many of which have, as mentioned above, taken him to the Hon’ble Apex Court. Additionally, he also finds Arbitration as a very interesting field in law both as Counsel in Arbitration and as an Arbitrator.

Mr. Cama’s approach to the law has always been to consider it the final bastion against arbitrary Government action and the bulwark of democracy in the country. In his opinion people who complain about laws delays must remember that they are only free to so complain because the same Courts of law protect that and other freedoms in this country.

His has offices both in Mumbai and New Delhi.

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