Rajeev Chopra

Rajeev, currently in his 30th year of his career, has been previously associated with several law firms and national and multinational corporates which has shaped his illustrious career. He started his career with private practice in the Delhi High Court, before moving to law firms in corporate commercial practice. He has been the General Counsel and led legal teams in LG, Airtel and Dell, before joining Accenture in 2007. Rajeev believes that fostering a culture of inclusion, fairness, equality and ethical conduct is critical to building strong teams and fostering innovation.

Rajeev has led several transformational and change management projects at Accenture.

Rajeev was recently recognised by Legal Era as the General Counsel of the year – South East Asia region in 2021. He also bagged several other recognition in the past and is acknowledged as one of the leading “General Counsel” in India. Notably, he was awarded Cheavening Scholarship by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office in 1996. Rajeev is also (i) Chair of the General Counsel Sub Committee and (ii) Member, Task Force on International Legal Services constituted by Confederation of Indian Industry.

The unfamiliar, fast moving global environment has changed the way we live and work already, with far-reaching impact. Leading with compassion and caring for those around us is essential, and leaders have to more than ever, focus on leading responsibly. The most important task from them is to help their people develop human resilience –the ability to adapt and engage through difficult times

The pandemic tested business resilience across industries, and posed unique challenges for our large talent led business. It has also created new opportunities and complexities, and navigating this new environment requires unique leadership skills. Rajeev’s deep knowledge of the legal system and evolving frameworks combined with his robust understanding of our business as well as our industry context, ensure that every business transaction is enriched with sharp insights, clarity and judicious decision making. Rajeev leads from the front, and we’re proud to have him as our inhouse corporate counsel

Rekha M Menon
Chairperson and Senior Managing Director, Accenture in India

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