Shweta Bharti

Shweta has about 2 decades’ experience in dealing with a variety of intricate strategic legal needs and reliefs for her valued clients. Her expertise ranges from Constitutional Law, International Law and Corporate Laws and Litigation to Human Rights and International Arbitration. Shweta provides an ideal combination of consistent high-quality expertise derived from immense transactional experience and innovative thought in providing solutions to delicate transactional-legal needs. Shweta brings together the perfect blend of litigation strategy and business practices, meeting the business needs of clients. With more than a decade of dealing with dispute resolution needs and reliefs of clients, she has represented clients in all facets of corporate litigation and strategy.

Recognised as one of the top women dispute lawyers in Asia by Benchmark Litigation, Shweta is highly respected and acknowledged for her ability to handle the most critical and complex matters and has been continuously praised by BW Businessworld, Asian Legal Business, Asialaw Profiles and many more.

Shweta considers it a responsibility to guide clients through the legal system with both skill and tact. For her, being aligned to the client’s business needs is most important, and she advises accordingly without falling into the trap of immediate gains. Clients have always recognised her as a legal practitioner with excellent oral articulation, well-written communication, and most importantly – good listening skills, besides being up-to-date with the latest developments in the law.

Shweta represented and advised the client in India’s first BOT project, against termination of the concession agreement by the Government on grounds of expropriation or compulsory acquisition. The issue involved premature termination on account of excessive traffic, and the necessity to build an additional two lanes on the National Highway stretch. She was instrumental in securing a ruling in favour of the client, whereby the court directed that the interim order of stay of termination would continue until the award was passed by the Arbitral Tribunal.

Shweta is an alum of the Asian Forum on Global Governance of the ZEIT-StiftungEbelin and GerdBucerius, Germany and the Observer Research Foundation and also acts as the External Female Member of the Complaint Committees formed by various organisations pursuant to the Vishakha Guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court of India in order to put in place a grievance redressal mechanism against sexual harassment of women. Shweta is hugely respected and recognised by Courts and legal luminaries/senior counsels in practice, and has been called upon by various ministries and departments of the Government of India on various legal reform's issues.

Apart from being on numerous boards of directors of prestigious Companies, Shweta has held numerous positions of leadership in the legal community, both within India and internationally. Shweta has been the JCM – India for Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA); Chairperson of IPBA’s Environmental Law Committee; General Secretary, Society of Women Lawyers (SOWL); and is a very active member at international forums including the International Bar Association (IBA), Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF) and I-Tech Law.

“Listen to what the client is saying and focus on what they’re not saying. The vision should be set in order to make transformational experiences available to the clients and amplify the evolution of their business.”

“What truly amazes me about Shweta is her ability to understand her client’s businesses and industry set-up.”

Anumeha Soni
Senior Director, Legal / Compliance / Corporate Governance / Government Affairs / Facilities, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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