At Legal Era, we believe in doing things differently. With impact. With leveraging the changing tides of time.

Our flagship event is here! The GENNEXT Conference. A decade into transforming the narratives in the legal industry, the Conference needs no introduction. A well-known brand for relevant conversations and cutting-edge insights, GENNEXT is our Flagship event where global thought leaders share the NEXT LEGAL TRENDS. The attendees have a gold standard opportunity to know, explore, and get introduced as they interact with Judges, Law Firm Partners, GCs, External and In-house lawyers, promoters of companies, Directors, CEOs, CFOs, business professionals, the academia, and the press.

This year, after we have survived 2020 and learnt hard lessons on working with uncertainties, knowing what global thought leaders and industry experts think on the Next Legal Trends and hear about their practical experiences is an invaluable advantage for all attendees. For all businesses and legal professionals looking to navigate challenges and drive business growth in the much-altered universe called the post-pandemic world, the GENNEXT Conference is the answer.

And this time, GENNEXT is set to be bigger than ever! Leveraging on the power of the digital to enable participation at scale, the Conference will see a stellar pool of 300+ eminent speakers from 16 different countries. An astounding 80,000 + audience will listen in, raise questions, and connect.

More so, the GENNEXT Conference is not a 2-day conference. This time, we are live for 4 weeks with 300+ speakers and 2000 delegates sharing their views, learnings, and experiences daily. Each day of the week will start with a keynote address from an industry figure followed by live breakout discussions for an hour in diverse formats, be it masterclasses, open discussion forums, solution rooms, and closed-door boardrooms.

What does that mean for the attendees? It means a gateway to opportunities like never before!

Each day of the 4 weeks would be an opportunity to open the mind to new ways of doing business in a world of innovation and technology, new ways of working, new ways of dispensing justice, new ways of meeting regulations, and new ways of resolving disputes cost-effectively. Each of the sessions every week would also present an opportunity to connect with a large pool of the world’s most elite business lawyers and multi-disciplinary change agents that are carving new paths in an increasingly tech-savvy, culturally-evolving, and inter-dependent marketplace. And you can take advantage of all this virtually, from the comfort of your home or workplace, wherever you may be. You can register for as many sessions as you like across the week, building your schedule.

At Legal Era, we are truly proud to take GENNEXT to the next level of being the face of a democratized and location-agnostic platform that empowers every professional in the business of law with knowledge sharing and relationship-building opportunities like no other.

So, join in everyone. Register yourself. Make a noise! Share! Collaborate! Learn! Contribute!

It’s time to be the change. It’s time to be # GENNEXT 2021.