"When he is not lawyering - what a lawyer does"

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B Gopalakrishnan

Despite having his calendar choc-a-bloc with professional commitments, he still finds the time to pursue his passions, be it globe-trotting or hitting the road to Kanyakumari and back or listening to his favourite music. Legal Era engages him in a brief chat

Q: In an earlier interview with this magazine, you said your original ambition was to become a pilot, the second choice being a professor of English Literature. Although you are now an established name in the legal profession, are you still pursuing your interests in any way?

A: Yes, I am definitely pursuing my ambition but not the ambition of becoming a pilot. As far as the second ambition is concerned, I do read a lot, especially legal thrillers of John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer. I repeatedly scan through Shakespeare. I also like poetry. I also read a lot in my mother tongue. I harbour a secret ambition of writing fiction set in the background of Kerala in English. I do not know whether I will be able to fulfill the ambition or not, but I am determined to give it a try. As far as the ambition of becoming a Professor of English Literature is concerned, I love to teach and whenever an opportunity arises, I go and address the younger generation at law schools and universities. I was once a regular guest faculty at KC Law College. I do write a lot of legal articles.

Q: You said it was your heart’s desire to be known as a literary figure. Are there any plans in that direction?

A: The answer is the same as above, i.e. I am determined to publish.

Q: By your own admission, when you couldn’t become a pilot, you took to driving with a vengeance. Tell us how you developed this side to your personality.

A: Although, it is not correct to equate a pilot and a driver, today, driving a motor vehicle, with the highways becoming crowded, is no longer mechanical work, as it used to be. You need to be alert and use of technology can help you avoid accidents and reach your destination without getting lost. Very recently, I was prompted to take a long drive, all by myself from Mumbai to Kanyakumari and back. The only companion with me was my wife. We took one of the so-called ‘not safe’ route but it was a good experience. I developed this side of my personality when I was young, say at the age of 15 when I attained enough “height” to drive the car. I started wooing my father’s car driver who taught me driving and since then, I started driving. Even today, I remember him as I have never forgotten the basics of what he taught me for a safe journey. As my father always owned only a Black Ambassador till the early 80s, my tryst with driving was only an Ambassador. Thereafter, I shifted to Jeep and drove the entire length and breadth of Kerala.

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