The pandemic has changed our world forever. COVID-19 has exacted a very steep price; in terms of millions of lives and livelihoods lost, workplaces and markets disrupted, private consumption and investment decelerated, and wealth and investor confidence eroded.

Across the globe, country-wide lockdowns and social distancing measures have become the norm even as governments struggle to walk the tightrope between saving lives and saving economies. Sectors across manufacturing and services such as travel and tourism, hospitality, healthcare, education, banking, retail, IT, media and legal have been impacted. Still, survival continues to be the driving force as individuals, communities, businesses and nations fight coronavirus. The legal sector too – courts, law firms, legal departments and lawyers – has turned to technology as a workable solution for the limitations imposed by the virus. Hence, virtual courts, videoconferences, e-files, e-payments and other such have become the order of the day. Like the rest of the workforce, the legal fraternity too is working from home and while this has resulted in the elimination of lengthy commutes, flexible work timings, increased productivity and cost savings, it has also put a lot of pressure on lawyers, legal departments and law firms to do better than their best, always.

As a sign of the times, the 10th Edition Indian Legal Awards 2020-2021 to be held in June 5, 2021, will go beyond their traditional import of Recognizing Legal Finesse, Innovation and Accomplishments for the period 2020-2021. They will still be the most coveted certificate of competence in the Indian legal industry but the yardstick for judging competence will be taller this time.

Like the preceding years, there will be five categories of Awards i.e. Law Firms, In-House, Individual, International and Premier League across sectors including banking, insurance, media and entertainment, pharmaceuticals, information technology, telecommunication and e-commerce. However, the selection criteria will transcend expertise and efficacy to include behaviors such as avoiding layoffs and forced pay cuts, encouraging work flexibility and team spirit, going beyond the call of duty and adapting to technology and newer operational models. Put simply, the 10th Edition Indian Legal Awards will redefine excellence to embrace all such parameters that have not only enabled the Indian legal industry to emerge stronger from the COVID crisis but also a true reflection of its noble self.

What the 10th Edition Indian Legal Awards will retain is their credibility, impartiality, egalitarianism, international flavor and judging process. Also as always, an independent jury constituted by the best in business will select the winners in each category basis the submissions coupled with exhaustive research and peer reviews. If all goes well, the Awards will be attended by everyone who is someone in the industry and promise to be every bit the style statement they usually are.

So hurry and send in your submissions to awards@legalera.in before 25th Feb 2021.

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