A credible network and resulting referrals are an invaluable need for lawyers across the globe.

A pivotal aspect of an individual’s growth and making meaningful contributions to law and the industry is networking. Being part of specific networks or communities has helped lawyers to network, find the right opportunities, stay ahead of the curve on cutting-edge legal developments and insights, and move to new vistas. And this is true for all lawyers regardless of their role, level, stage of the professional journey, or career path.

That is where the Legal Era Global Lawyers Network (GBLN) comes to the rescue. GBLN fills the need-gap for a Community that is clutter-free, has the best-in-class talent pool and expertise, and enables connections with diverse counsels to practice the law across time zones. Most importantly, the GBLN is also a means to take those connections ahead through referrals.

GBLN is the LinkedIn equivalent for business lawyers worldwide.

GBLN plays a huge role when matters require sourcing for a local and reliable counsel of a region. Through GBLN, one can connect with a lawyer based out from anywhere in the world. It is like LinkedIn for the legal fraternity worldwide! Say a lawyer based out of Hong Kong needs to deal with a local lawyer for a matter in Johannesburg, what does he/she do? How does he find the right counsel? Where does he go for reliable support? The answer lies in reaching out to GBLN.

What is the primary aim of this community?

• To bring together global business lawyers for meaningful interactions targeted towards professional growth, anytime, anywhere.

• To translate interactions into relevant referrals for individual growth and consequent contribution to law, economy, and society.

To create more and more meaningful opportunities for business lawyers worldwide whether they be whether the matter is in Japan or London, Mumbai, or Washington.

Who can join this community?

• Business lawyers

• Corporate Lawyers

• The Members shall be from Asia Pacific Regions (this will cover all countries in the Asia Pacific), USA, UK & others

Country chapters:

• GBLN India

• GBLN Asia Pacific



• GBLN Africa & Middle East

What will a business lawyer gain by being a member of the GBLN?

• 360-degree brand visibility and optimal business opportunities

• Hands-on access to credible advice and sources of advice on cross-border matters, transactions, roles, and practices from counsels who have their ears on the ground

• Access to a repository of lawyers working in different capacities across the globe with direct access to local authorities and the knowledge of the local practices

• Develop an innovative and agile mindset as you look for a leadership role with cross-functional experience and decision making outside your domain or core work area

• Access to a think tank of the best legal minds, offering a unique take on law, policy, and regulations worldwide

• Be conversant and have an informed bird’s eye view backed by the real experience of working across different fields and functions

• Opportunity to contribute to a talent pipeline that opens up doors within and outside the community thereby also upscaling the industry and the legal profession’s quality standards.

• Meet leaders and peers and create connections to guide your career path with common interests, motivation, and expertise areas.

• Be a part of a think tank that connects policymakers, legislators, experts, and professionals from all walks of life to initiate discussions, make recommendations to the highest policymaking levels, and innovate ways to serve society.

• Meet the who’s who decision makers in the government and government bodies, regulatory institutions, and law drafters and make a case for challenges that global counsels face before the right people in the most effective way.

What differentiates GBLN from any other group of business lawyers?

• A remarkably quicker pace of growth and evolution as you get to contact the right person at the right time for advice and movement

• Access to the most competent legal experts worldwide and thought leaders from varied fields

• A world of opportunities for collaboration, open discussions, and knowledge sharing especially when the reach is not limited to a country’s boundaries or the legal system.

• Find counsels who understand the complexities of international transactions, global affairs, the interconnectedness of tech and law, and new age practice areas.

• Connect one-on-one with GCs at renowned multinational and domestic companies and hear from experts on the ground in over 100 jurisdictions.

What is the impact GBLN is creating for the legal industry and economy?

• Bringing together and amplifying the reach of global business lawyers across industry, sectors, geographies, and practices.

• Improving the country’s legal systems and economic growth by ensuring that the most talented counsels are available to advise on a variety of business matters cross-jurisdictions.

How to apply?

Sign up here and become an institution, a sentiment, and a voice empowering the corporate counsel community worldwide.


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