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Time to get your voter ID card made but don’t know the process? Need recommendations on lawyers practicing in your state on family matters? Confused about the latest change in the law on your tax liability? Entering into a contract with a builder but need legal advice on some clauses? Just witnessed road rage and you wished you knew the basics on how you could intervene legally? Landlord giving you troubles and you want to know your rights as a tenant? Living fearful of someone stalking you but don’t know which forum to seek justice at? Launching a new application but unaware of legalities around it? Unclear on your legal options before you go ahead and file that insurance claim? Want a clear and simple way out of a legal tussle? Unable to draft an agreement and looking for the right specialist to help you with that? Thinking of a cross-border transaction and need expert representation?

Ask, and you will have the answer! ‘Legal Era Help’ by Legal Era is here for you.

  • What is Legal Era Help?

    Legal Era Help is your super quick go-to buddy to know the law and the remedies for your day-to-day legal problems, big or small.

    Our Legal Help team aka legal doctors will give you simple, solution-oriented, actionable, easily recallable, and authoritative legal information.

  • Who’s answering your questions?

    A dynamic talent pool of skilled and proficient qualified Advocates, citizens, government officials, law students, lawyers, academicians, and grassroots organizations!

    We believe that everyone who has a role enforcing legal rights must be a part of the talented pool answering your questions with practical advice and solving your legal challenges based on their first-hand experiences.

    We will curate their inputs and present you the apt answers in the form of explanations, guides, answers to FAQs, glossary terms, and even video messages.

    This makes Legal Era Help a collaborative and user engagement-based platform. Think of us as a super-specialized Wikipedia of the legal world!

  • Why are we doing this?

    Because we at Legal Era are passionate about two causes. One, simplifying the law. Two, making justice accessible to everyone. That is the crux of this accessible platform.

  • Is this a paid service?

    Of course not!

    Legal Era Help is your buddy, right? We want to empower you to make legal decisions in your everyday life without having to spend your money, time and energy.

    So, we don’t charge a penny. Legal Era Help is a free, open-access platform for anyone in need of a legally sound, actionable, and simple solve.

  • So, what are you waiting for?

    You are one step away from empowering yourself with legal knowledge and achieving justice!

Solve your day-to-day legal problems. Become aware of your rights. Empower yourself!

Disclaimer: This is an independent platform aimed at empowering with knowledge. Our engagement with the government, the judicial system, companies, civil society organisations, and other for-profit organisations is not an endorsement of any kind, unless specified.

Know the Law

Acts, ordinances, bills, circulars, amendments, judgments, rulings et al.

The law is vibrant, but manoeuvring through it can be quite challenging. And we know that whether you are an individual, business person, or corporate body, knowing the law is the first and often the most powerful step to achieving your goals.

That is why we came up with ‘Know the Law.’

  • What is Know the Law?

    Legal Era is a renowned institution specialized in providing people legal information that is handy, easy to apply, and most credible. And we are always looking at ways to share knowledge.

    So, Know the Law is an opportunity to tap into our legacy of experience and in-depth information.

    Your search for clarification on a legal position by the courts, your urge to know a bit more about a recent update in legal provisions, you need for clarity on a legislation and its background, your lookout for interesting insights on grey areas of law in a situation - all of it ends here!

    All you have to do is, ask!

Our core team of skilled and proficient qualified advocates and a diligent team of professionals from other fields are waiting to demystify the law and share their advice with you.

Get smart. Become aware. Act legal.