An Industry Networking Event on The Impact of The Incredibly Fast-Changing IP And Media Landscape on Your Business Strategies, Competition and Operations An event dedicated to bringing together IP owners, IP experts, Telecommunication and Media experts, lawyers, and investors to explore opportunities and address challenges faced by companies and IP professionals today, the 8th Edition of the Legal Era IP & Media Conclave is here.

Scheduled for May 2023 in the capital city of Singapore, the Conclave is a credible and well-known annual meeting for board-level IP managers and Telecommunication and Media law stalwarts. And owing to the explosion in digital media growth such as online news publications, online curated content publishers including OTTs and social media platforms, the Legal Era IP & Media Conclave becomes more pertinent than ever.

Open to all Legal Era members, non-members, intellectual property practitioners, and colleagues from industry and official bodies, the Conclave attracts both the world’s largest high-tech IP and Media portfolios and small and medium enterprises with a significant impact on the development of the industry.

The Legal Era IP & Media Conclave sees marquee participation from IP regulators, policymakers, IP experts, Media Entertainment industry experts, litigators, investors, lawyers, and advisers. It is a must-attend event for all industry stakeholders. So, whether you are in Private Practice or you are an In-House Counsel or a professional interested in the IP and Media space, the Conclave will leave you informed with insights and practical suggestions on:

➥ Latest IP and Media Law trends and developments that impact you and your clients

➥ IP generation, management, protection, enforcement, and monetization of intellectual property portfolios to accelerate stakeholders’ collaboration as a vehicle for higher revenue and profit generation

➥ IP strategy and objective assessment to help you protect, leverage, and monetize your company’s IP portfolio

➥ IP and Media law updates debate and practice and their impact on your day-to-day practice with inputs from leading experts from the profession, IP offices, government, and the judiciary

➥ Best practices and solutions to enhance IP management strategies as you exchange ideas with colleagues in other firms on how best to manage and adapt your IP practice to the challenges, and

➥ Best practices and solutions to engage with the Media Entertainment industry in India including print, cinematograph films, broadcasting, and digital media.

➥ High-quality networking with peers across the globe.