Women lawyers are making great strides.

Whether it is shaping the law, advising on complex matters, handling cross-functional roles, cracking multi-jurisdictional transactions, taking on pro-bono work, or being outstanding jurists, women lawyers across the world are a force to reckon with.

And the Legal Era Women Lawyers Network (LWLN) brings them together under one tight-knit Community. LWLN is an exclusive association of the most competent and most credible women stalwarts, luminaries, experts, litigators, corporate counsels, and young and upcoming rising stars.

Unlike other women-only associations, the LWLN goes beyond being a community focussed on gender-specific issues to serve the fast-evolving and diversified needs of ambitious women lawyers who wish to make a difference to the legal profession and the industry across roles, geographies, practice areas, and career stages.

All the same, challenges exist. There are barriers to break. There is work to be done.

Legal Era understands that women lawyers are globally demanding a level playing field and have the zeal to take up responsibilities and roles that are opportunities to solve cutting-edge legal issues.

All the same, women lawyers continue to face challenges which include, lack of networking opportunities, gaining visibility in the most conducive environment, benefitting from advice and mentorship, and gaining a hold on their personal financial management. We believe all of these are incredibly critical factors for the professional success of women lawyers and their potential to become significant life-long contributors to the world of law and business.

Hence, there is a growing need for meaningful dialogue and collaboration, actionable steps and impactful initiatives, growth enablers, and cross-industry opportunities. And the LWLN is a leap forward in that direction.

What are the primary aims of this community?

• To propel women lawyers’ professional growth and help them book their seats at the highest echelons of leadership

• To create a safe space for open discussions and support at times when women lawyers must stand up for each other as a collective force

• To drive policy change for long term impact and contribution to the industry

Who can join this community?

• Women lawyers with a valid law degree. Post qualification experience is good to have.

• The Members shall be from Asia Pacific Regions (this will cover all countries in the Asia Pacific), USA, UK & others

Country chapters:

• LWLN India

• LWLN Asia Pacific



• LWLN Africa & Middle East

What will a woman lawyer gain by being a member of the LWLN?

• Access to new opportunities for a collective march ahead as women lawyers from diverse backgrounds and positions connect one-on-one.

• Gain a better understanding and management of finances and financial planning

• Be part of discussions that are truly global especially in times when cross-border transactions are becoming increasingly common

• Leverage the collective knowledge and wisdom of experienced members through collaboration and exchange

• Attend and engage in tours, discussions, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and workshops to stay up-to-date on global legal issues

• Broaden the network

• Reach out for help and advise when women lawyers are in challenging situations and critical dilemmas during their professional journeys

• Share information, openly engage views and have discussions with other female lawyers

• Create more meaningful relationships and support systems that offer a strong foundation as you progress in your career.

• Explore the various roles and the challenges and opportunities faced by women lawyers as they adopt and assume diverse roles.

• Find mentors who can help you achieve your goals

• Mentor someone who may be facing challenges that you have faced and successfully overcome, and ensure that when you vacate a position in your professional space, you get it filled up by a competent woman.

• Train the new women lawyers and ensure their robust preparedness for the next stage of their professional growth

• Enhance your ability to make the right decisions with the most relevant and objective advice available from the Community at critical stages of your career

• Break the glass ceiling by carrying other women up with you.

What differentiates LWLN from any other group of women’s networks?

• Access to the most competent women lawyers worldwide and a rich repository of legal and business cutting-edge analysis from the best of breed talent pool

• Skilled training to become financially savvy and take charge of your money

• Skilled training to become experts in your area

• Opportunities to initiate high-level policy changes by working closely with the government and government bodies

• Network and learning with masterclasses and events and conferences

• Access to connect with thought leaders and experts from varied fields

• A reliable safety net of credible information and data-backed advice

• Recognition and visibility with opportunities for winning awards

• Opportunities to get published and recognized in marquee compilations

• For the younger counsels, this is a gold standard opportunity to explore and gain visibility.

• Ready support and sensible advice you can fall back on at trying and testing times of your career journey.

What is the impact LWLN is creating for the legal industry, society, and economy?

• Amplifying the voice of the women lawyers among the lawyer fraternity and the industry

• Creating the next rung of women leaders leaving their mark on the world of law and business at an international level

• Enabling deep-rooted and long-term changes in the existing legal practice environment for women

• Empowering with smart financial management through constant pieces of training and mentorship on managing personal finance effectively.

How to apply?

Sign up here and become an institution, a sentiment, and a voice empowering the women lawyers community worldwide.


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