The industry’s shift today is towards young lawyers aka millennial lawyers. Millennial lawyers are transforming the way the legal profession is being practiced globally. They are transforming the traditional perceptions of a lawyer and the run-of-the-mill expectations from a lawyer. They are taking risks and wanting to do things differently. They are testing and carving out niche practice areas with an entrepreneurial mindset. They are designing operations and organizations where humans collaborate seamlessly with their digital counterparts. And they like to be a part of a diverse workforce representing inclusive organizations versus monotone cultures.

More so, legal expertise is no longer sufficient to be a good lawyer. A multi-disciplinary outlook, digital ease, and an approach more closely aligned with business and societal needs are essential elements. The pandemic has only accelerated that process and young lawyers in the legal industry are not only acknowledging it but also developing dynamic cross-functional qualities and creating customized legal solutions in response to it.

Legal Era is cognizant of these changing tides of time. And Legal era knows exactly what this group of young lawyers needs – a highly competent, networking-intensive, digitally savvy platform that provides them the right environment to explore and reach their highest potential as the rising stars of the legal fraternity.

That is why the LYLF - Legal Era Legal Era Young Lawyers Forum exists. Legal Era created it to serve as the go-to forum for young legal professionals looking to navigate challenges and drive growth in the much-altered universe called the post-pandemic world.

Joining LYLF is the answer to plugging the gaps and tiding over roadblocks between where our young lawyers are today and the heights they want to achieve. This is the global platform young lawyers have been looking for to learn, gain visibility, and be recognized for the great strides they were making in the legal universe.

What is the primary aim of this community?

• To empower every young lawyer with knowledge sharing and relationship-building opportunities like no other, propelling young lawyers’ professional growth

• To bring together young lawyers for meaningful interactions and relevant opportunities targeted towards professional growth, anytime, anywhere.

• To mentor and help them become renowned experts who rise to the occasion when the law needs to be shouldered by trailblazers

• To create a pipeline of the next-gen thought leaders and raise India’s stature on the international stage.

Who can join this community?

• Lawyers below the age xx

• The Members shall be from Asia Pacific Regions (this will cover all countries in the Asia Pacific), USA, UK & others

Country chapters:

• LYLF India

• LYLF Asia Pacific



• LYLF Africa & Middle East

What will a young lawyer gain by being a member of the LYLF?

• One-on-one contact with a repository of young lawyers working in different capacities including Deputy GCs and young GCs

• Hands-on access to credible advice and sources of advice on legal issues, roles, and practices

• Find like-minded lawyers who create opportunities for young talent’s career growth and push forward the diversity agenda

• Attend and engage in tours, discussions, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and workshops to stay up-to-date on legal and business issues - a gold standard opportunity to know, explore, and get introduced as they interact with Judges, Partners, GCs, external and in-house lawyers, promoters of companies, directors, CEOs, CFOs, business professionals, the academia, and the press

• Open the mind to new ways of doing business in a world of innovation and technology, new ways of working, new ways of dispensing justice, new ways of meeting regulations, new ways of driving ESG led growth with good governance, and new ways of resolving disputes cost-effectively

• Develop pathways for opportunities into a leadership role in sync with cross-domain legal practice today

• Access to a think tank of the brightest of legal minds, offering a unique take on the intersection of law, business, policy, and regulations worldwide

• As a young lawyer, meet leaders and peers and create connections to guide your career path with common interests and motivation.

• Enhance your legal acumen and practical knowledge by accessing a one-stop-shop to a rich repository of legal and business developments ‘cutting-edge analysis from the best-of-breed counsels of the world

• Reach out and find mentors who can help you move closer to your goals

• Be a mentor to someone who may be facing challenges that you have faced and successfully overcome

• Create more meaningful relationships and support systems that offer a strong foundation as you progress in your career

• Be a part of a think tank that connects policymakers, legislators, experts, and professionals from all walks of life to initiate discussions, make recommendations to the highest policymaking levels, and innovate ways to serve society.

• Meet the who’s who decision-makers in the government and government bodies, regulatory institutions, and law drafters and make a case for challenges in the existing legislation before the right people in the most effective way.

What differentiates LYLF from any other group of young lawyers?

• A remarkably quicker pace of growth and evolution as you get to contact the right person at the right time for advice and movement

• A gold standard opportunity to explore and gain visibility among executives donning some high-responsibility roles, heading cross-border teams, and performing at senior leadership positions

• Connect one-on-one with the legal fraternity at renowned multinational and domestic companies and rising stars and founders of Legal Tech start-ups

• Opportunity to connect with a rich pool of the world’s multi-disciplinary entrepreneurs carving new paths in the marketplace

• Get published and recognized in marquee compilations

• Skilled training to become experts in your area

• The opportunity to leverage a reliable safety net of credible information that members can fall back on

• A world of opportunities for collaboration, open discussions, and knowledge sharing especially when the reach is not limited to territorial boundaries or a legal system.

What impact LYLF is creating for the legal industry and economy?

• Bringing together and amplifying the reach of young lawyers across industry, sectors, geographies, and practices.

• Improving the preparedness of the country’s legal systems by ensuring that the views and inputs of the most talented young lawyers are heard and acted on

• Reimagining and improving upon old ways of delivering legal services: Agile, fluid, collaborative, and efficient

• Building a framework for a model law firm - resilient, agile, and diverse, and offering out-of-the-box solutions to cater to new developments in a world that are getting disrupted continually

• Enabling young lawyers to become multi-disciplinary change agents that carve new paths in an increasingly tech-savvy, culturally evolving, and inter-dependent marketplace.

How to apply?

Sign up here and become an institution, a sentiment, and a voice empowering the young lawyers’ community worldwide.



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