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December 31, 2019

Carlos Ghosn Flees Trial In Japan And Reaches Lebanon

[ By Bobby Anthony ]

Carlos Ghosn, the ousted Nissan Motor Company chairman, has confirmed that he is currently in Lebanon, adding that he decided to escape Japan in order to not become a “hostage” of Japan’s judicial system.

Ghosn, who is believed to have escaped from Japan and entered Lebanon under a false identity, was on bail for various charges of financial mismanagement during his time at the head of the automobile company.

“I am in Lebanon. I am no longer a hostage of a Japanese judicial system where guilt presumption prevails, where discrimination is generalized and where human rights are breached,” Ghosn stated.

“This in absolute disregard toward laws and international treaties Japan has ratified and is meant to respect. I haven't escaped justice. I have freed myself from injustice and political persecution," he stated, reiterating past statements he has made denouncing the charges against him as politically motivated.

The former Nissan chairman further stated that he could now freely speak to the media and that he would do so shortly.

Ghosn, 65, was arrested in November 2018 but was released on bail in April.

He faces four charges of alleged financial irregularities during his tenure at the helm of Nissan Motor.

The former Renault Group President violated the conditions of his bail, which prevented him from leaving Japan, and left the country on a private plane.

Ghosn was under house arrest in Tokyo and his lawyers were required to have his passport. He was not allowed Internet access and was under constant security camera surveillance.

His trial in Japan was scheduled for April 2020.

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