February 26, 2019

CBIC updates the TDS under GST: Standard Operating Procedure


This 39-pager document published originally in the month of September 2018 has been updated on 18th February 2019. The document highlights the relevant provisions of TDS in GST and effective date. It clarifies the concept of Supply in GST and conditions for tax deductions required to be made in GST. Along with illustrations, it shows various situations requiring deduction of law and determination of value of supply for deduction of tax. It also covers persons liable to deduct tax under GST Law and step-by-step process for Registration of TDS deductors in GST, and the payment process highlighting the provisions and procedure. It also explains the TDS return submission procedure with the time limit and also benefits of TDS to deductee, TDS Certificate, Late fee, interest and penalty. As per the updated version of this document, there is a special highlighted insertion pertaining to ‘Filing of TDS Return for period during which there was no registration’. It states that all deductions made on or after the 1st October 2018 but before the date of registration may be included in the first return to be furnished after obtaining registration.

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