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September 14, 2020

Japan’s Sharp wins network tech patent infringement suit against Daimler

[ by Legal Era News Network ]


Japan’s Sharp Corp has won a patent infringement lawsuit against German automaker – Daimler in a district court in Munich, Germany. The ruling could enforce a sales ban against the German automaker. 

According to a Press Release by Sharp, the Court has ruled that, “Daimler infringes the patent in LTE standard compliant car products. An injunction was rendered after the court rejected Daimler’s so-called FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) defense. The ruling includes a declaratory judgment that Daimler owes damages. Further, Daimler has to render account of the infringing acts. The decision shall be preliminarily enforceable on provision of an enforcement security.”

The Press Release further stated, “Sharp owns more than 6,000 telecommunication standard patents in the telecommunication field in over 50 countries. Sharp views its patent portfolio as a major resource for its business development, and will take necessary actions to protect its intellectual property rights.”

According to sources Sharp can enforce a sales ban against Daimler if it posts 5.5 million euros ($6.5 million) as a guarantee to cover any damages in the event the ban is overturned on appeal.

Daimler has filed a nullity action against the patent in a separate lawsuit before German Federal Patent Court in Munich.

Nokia won backing from a German court in a similar patent infringement lawsuit against Daimler over mobile communications technology in August.

Sharp, a unit of Taiwan’s Foxconn, has also sued the Japanese unit of Tesla Inc, seeking an injunction to halt imports of some electric vehicles (EV) to Japan.

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