February 18, 2020

Nanoco files patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics

[ by Kavita Krishnan ]


UK based Nanoco Group PLC (Nanoco) has filed a patent infringement lawsuit Nanoco against South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co. and affiliates in the United States (US) over quantum-dot (QD) technology applied to its flagship QLED TVs. The suit has been filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas by which Nanoco has sought damages and other equitable relief.

Nanoco Technologies is in the field of research, development, licensing and large scale manufacture of novel nano-materials for use in various commercial applications.

Nanoco argues that each of the defendants – Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electronics’ video display (VD) division, Samsung Electronics America, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and Samsung Display – has widely violated Nanoco’s patented technologies without licensing or entering an agreement.

Nanoco stated that many companies have licensed its patented technology or entered joint development or supply agreements. Samsung however, did not do so and has thus infringed on Nanoco’s patents as a result of its use of the quantum dot technology.

Samsung and Nanoco in 2010 partnered to develop enhanced quantum dot and other materials technologies for LCD modules and evaluated the quantum dot technology for use in the emission material of Samsung’s LCD modules. Nanoco further alleged that after receiving samples of quantum dots, Samsung neither licensed nor entered into an agreement with the company and in 2015, the South Korean giant launched a TV comprising quantum dots for the first time at Consumer Electronics Show. According to Nanoco, Samsung began incorporating cadmium-free quantum dot technology in its TV displays when it launched its premium QLED TV in 2017.

Nanoco claimed that Samsung has acquired dominance as a result of its QLED TVs, a success that was due to the use of the former’s patented technology.

Nanoco has sought a judgment of willful, direct infringement, an award for damages, and an injunction to prevent Samsung from further infringement.

In 2016, Samsung Electronics acquired U.S -based quantum dot technology company QD Vision in a pre-emptive move to better respond to a possible patent litigation. Among the global leading names in nanotechnology, California-based Nanosis was also engaged with Samsung for development of quantum dot materials in the past.

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