Pooja Mahajan

Managing Partner
Chandhiok & Mahajan Advocates & Solicitors

Pooja Mahajan, Managing Partner, Chandhiok & Mahajan Advocates & Solicitors, a full-service law firm, has brought significant changes to the firm ever since she came on board. Ms Mahajan believes that the cost of litigation has soared through the years, which is mainly due to the reliance on senior advocates for corporate and regulatory disputes. While some matters demand the advocacy of skilled senior associates, she realizes that there is scope to reduce cost. In her attempt to do so, she, along with some other partners in the firm, have started encouraging lawyers to play the role of both advocate and solicitor. Clients too have taken kindly to this approach and put their faith in the firm. This has led to significant savings on litigious and regulatory matters, without compromising the best representation for the firm’s clients.

Ms Mahajan also believes that in today’s age, it is essential to be abreast with technological advancements. In her opinion, the legal services’ industry is a people’s business and technology plays a big part in bridging distances. The mechanism through which legal services are delivered to clients is given prime importance. Technology is changing the business model of clients and hence, Ms Mahajan’s firm makes a conscious effort to invest in understanding such changes. For instance, C&M recently flew in an expert from Silicon Valley to discuss the latest trends in artificial intelligence.

Ms Mahajan’s practice includes advising clients on general corporate and company law issues; mergers and acquisitions; in-bound and out-bound investments; corporate re-organizations/re-structuring; debt financing; debt restructuring and insolvency & bankruptcy related matters. Prior to joining Chandhiok & Mahajan, Ms Mahajan worked with late Arun Jaitley and Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co., where too, she was a Partner in the Corporate Practice Group.

Ms Mahajan has completed her Bachelor in Law from the University of Delhi and Bachelor in Civil Law with Distinction from the University of Oxford.