Legal Era – Legal Media Group, is empowering the legal community worldwide since 2009 & in this stellar period of more than a decade, the Legal Era Community has become a Mega Global Think Tank of Expert Professionals in the field of business and law. Playing a leading role in thought leadership and policy debates, it is Legal Era’s consistent endeavour to stay true to the mission of being ‘The Industry’s Global Voice for Driving Law & Policy Change’. To put it simply, Legal Era is the global voice of the legal fraternity constantly at work to discover global developments and opportunities for the legal and business ecosystem.

A very important part of empowering with information and tools to succeed in establishing networks and communities. So the Legal Era - Legal Media group has gone a step ahead and established the most effective and most credible specialist communities dedicated to working towards policy, advocacy, training, and development of their fellow members.

With an international presence in Singapore, South Africa, UAE, the UK, and the US, each of the Legal Era Community is a vast fleet of talent coming together.

They now have dedicated forums for the Discovery, Development, and Growth of the professionals that offer training & also peer networking.

Some of them are: Legal Era Women Lawyers Network (LWLN) Legal Era Global Lawyers Network (GBLN) Legal Era Corporate Counsel Association (LCCA) Legal Era Arbitrators Association (LAA) Legal Era Mediators Association (LMA) Legal Era Technology Lawyers Association (LTLA), and Legal Era CFO Council (LCFOC), to name a few.

The Legal Era Community is a perfect platform to gain visibility, find opportunities, and establish connections which are especially important in these uncertain and hybrid-work times. A closed circle with invite-only memberships, they’ve now implemented a highly selective and competitive screening process to draw more premiere individuals to our communities.